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It isn't much, but it's a start. As you can see I don't have anything on the house, but I want that to change. I have an uneven, sloped lot with 30-40 roof line. I also have a very big yard to fill up, but I don't like blow molds (storage) and blow ups (rain and snow issues). 


Anyway, here it is.


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Very nice,and a fresh look compared to the usual displays!

Thank you. I appreciate that. I love multi colored lights and these stand out more because everyone else in our development uses white. They don't show up well, but in the yard are 12 balls made our of chicken wire wrapped in lights. Most folks put them high up in trees, but I decided to put them in the yard (they may have been the culprits of my GFI issues). Next year I am going to get them off of the ground and have them at different heights looking like they are floating in mid air. 


There is a neighborhood in Greensboro that puts these high up in their trees. It really looks neat. I will see if I can find pictures online and post.

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Here are some close up images of the balls.


You will also see one of my favorite decorations on a large maple and they are inflatable ornaments that measure 48 in in diameter. I got them at Home Depot about five years ago. They retailed for $99 each and when I went in they were the display models and HD was beyond 90%. I asked the manager how much he would take and he said "You deflate the stupid things and get them out of my face, I will sell you all three for $15". SOLD!!!!! It was a sorry sight seeing me roll around on the floor trying to deflate them before he changed his mind. I originally bought three of them; a gold one, a red one and a green one. I liked to say that I had the biggest balls in the neighborhood. Last year some low rent jack wagon stole my green one. I was so upset. What kind of low life steals a christmas decoration? Anyway, now the remaining two get chained to the tree which is really sad.


The first picture is of two of the balls I have made. That was my first year. I am up to twelve of them right now. They are pretty simple to make. Just take chicken wire and cut about a two to three foot wide sheet. Then form it into a cylinder. Then you want to mold the two ends until it forms into a ball. It takes a bit of time, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quick. Then just wrap them in lights. Most folks hang them from trees and in some instances get them 30 to 50 feet in the air. When you get a lot of them really high up, it is a pretty good visual. This is a tool you can use to help get them on the high branches.




This year we put them in the yard and they looked great, but I think they may have been contributing to my GFI issues. Next year I am going to get get them off of the ground, but keep them street level so they look like they are just floating in the yard.


Let me know if you have any questions.




I also included some close up images of my setup from last year.








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