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Anybody Know Of Any Website Selling After Christmas Lights Etc Cheap?

john venturi

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Does anybody know of any sites that still have stuff available to be shipped on their site Lights, figures, inflatables etc.. And that are having sales like %75 off I found a few things available on home depot but not too much and a few things from sears but %99 of the stuff i found is sold out on line so if anybody knows of any store that ships and still has stuff please let me know thanks. I know its probably wishful thinking but you never know...Im really looking for a bunch of Lightshow style lights or Synchro lights that have the multi light function etc... I want to make another mini mega tree out of them like i did this year and i couldn't find any...Im wanting c7 or c9 or even g35 color changing lights any brand is fine as long as they have the color changing effects....Im also looking for a Mr. Christmas lights and sound or another brand that does the same thing as the Mr. Christmas lights and sound.. I have a static show but wouldn't mind doing a small portion of my show to music so a Mr. Christmas lights and sound or a Gemmy lights and sound would even work...But Im on a fixed income because im disabled and if i cant find them on sale i cant afford to get them so if by a small chance anybody knows of a site and could pass along the info i would appreciate it or if there is someone who had a Mr christmas lights and sound and then switched to Lor and no longer uses it and can let it go for a good price send me a message thanks...

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