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Has anyone ever ordered from them? There are some things I'd like to buy but don't know how to order or check out.


I did order my GF Snowman from them.  I had to place my order by phone.  Their website is not user friendly, when it comes to placing an order online.


The Snowman arrived in his box with no problems. I plan to order from them again.  You might want to give them a call, to see what they have available.


Allen :)

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will it is the same company as http://www.genfoam.com/ 

the seasonsla. com is there old one you cant buy for it any more ..


That is General Foam Plastics website, seasonsla was not connected with them in any way other then buying blow molds from them like any other business and selling them online along with Union Products, Grand Venture and other blow molds.  General Foam has never sold directly to the general public.





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It is well known Seasons L.A. is very wonky at best and a very large portion of what they have listed is no longer available.  A large list of good retailers has been posted before by others, but I will post it here again.












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