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Pumpkin Tower With A Witch Hat? 8 Foot

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I picked up some inflatables today, including Thomas, the Grinch and Max, a 6 foot Pooh, a 4 foot Elmo and a 4 foot Mickey.  I don't really have a lot of inflatables, but I got these for a good price and I figured I can sell them - particularly Thomas, I'll probably keep the Grinch as a backup for the one I have.


Included was a pumpkin tower. I think I'll keep this one too - it's big at 8 foot and ...well...go big or go home! But when I looked for it on ebay I couldn't find any.  Is this new?  Old?  Common?


If anyone really wants Thomas for $100 plus shipping I'd do that. He's in good shape - this is the 6 foot long Thomas.  

Thank you!





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I have the pumpkin one... It is not really rare... Last Oct. on eBay they sold for $50.00 at the most, a new one could sell for $70.00 but I dont think you would get that price unless it is Oct. and people are looking for one... Hope that helps...

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