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Best Sequencing Software?

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I have been an avid Light-O-Rama user since I discovered them in 2006 but with the introduction of RGB, LOR has become very limited in its support. Is there a better solution for RGB lights and Regular lights. Please chime in and give me your opinions on LOR and the others. LOR says they are working on better support for RGB and it will be out this year. I have heard them say things like that before and it took more than a year for their changes to come out. I really need to start sequencing for this year as will be doubling my pixel count and I need software that will support that.

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Used LOR this last year, but I purchased Light Show Pro and I am learning that right now. It is incredibly more versatile but with that comes a bigger learning curve. That is why I bought it early.


Now if you want to stay with LOR and manage some RGB I would suggest Xlights  and Nutcracker. Sean has some really cool effects that you can program in Xlights/Nutcracker then export out in LOR compatible sequences. The best part is Xlights/Nutcracker is FREE. and Sean does great tutorials on using it .

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I have used Nutcracker and it is a cool tool but that still has to be imported into LOR which is clunky when you have a lot of channels. I added 6000 channels in 2013 and did not notice any problems with latency during the shows but I have read about others experiencing that. Another problem is the sequencing in LOR itself is very cumbersome with that large of a pixel count. The visualizer is very limited in its ability to simulate the display when it is RGB. Have not used Superstar due to its cost and from what I have seen it is limited to things such as a CCR tree or mega tree(please don't bash me for those statements, that is only from what I have read)

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I don't bash anyone. I was just putting in the ones I know of that's it. I hope you find a program to use or someone can recommend a program for you.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that anyone was bashing me already, I only meant that for my last post since I was making statements about Superstar and I have not even used it yet. Please don't take any offense. And Thank you for your suggestions I really do appreciate them.

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Dan from lor said today he is working on improvements to software for higher pixel counts so if you know lor programing its probably cheaper to stay with lor  I am running 7000 dmx channels now with no problems how many channels are you up to ?

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Dan from lor said today he is working on improvements to software for higher pixel counts so if you know lor programing its probably cheaper to stay with lor  I am running 7000 dmx channels now with no problems how many channels are you up to ?

As I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, I know they are working on an upgrade but the last time I heard Dan say that it took over a year to see the results. This last year I ran 6300 DMX channels as well as 192 LOR channels and 38 Digital output circuits.

I am looking to more than double the DMX count this year. I did not experience any problems other than the cumbersome sequencing. The show itself ran great.

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Best Software?  Like anything else personal prefrence comes to play.


LOR  solid long standing and very capabable  add SuperStar and very capable software.  Large pixel counts beyond their CC line is currently bogging down the software.  Dan indicates they are working on the issue and will have it upgraded (no time or date porjections or specifics.  SuperStar supports RGB (in a round a bout way) and great with CCR.s


LSP   now very stable and fully supports RGB pixels in large numbers,  Very capable for big setups. (new owner since the last year and growing).  many features and with it a bit more of a learning curve (as you should expect).


HLS   Free program built from the ground up as RGB aware.  Very capable and a different  style of programming.  This is one is not worth what you pay it is worth MUCH more.


Nutcracker (X-Lights).  Sean has done and continues to do a GREAT job  and also worth much more the the free price.  capable of very large count displays and if run in x-lights very small program foot and fast.


Madrix.  Expensive very capable stable professional program (not time sequenced like the other programs mentioned in these forums.


Ford / Chevy or Dodge Ram   which is the best depends on your outlook and specific needs. 

Realize this is a down and dirty short recap.

Of course above is personal opinion only.

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I think one of the most important factors that gets skipped is how much investment users have made in their sequencer. i really dislike new developers (like me) who come out with a new program and say it has all these wonderful, cool things.

There is a saying we have in the industry "You always introduce a defect when you solve one". 


xlights/nutcracker is cool. it scales to 60K channels, it makes rgb effects easy to create, it is free. Nutcracker uses less than 100 mbytes of memory and 25% of a single cpu even on 30K channel shows.

Matt Brown has probably made the most efficient sequencer/player out there. It is this light weight approach that allows the pi player to run on a 700mhz cpu and 512mbyte raspberry pi and run 30K channels.

These are the good things.


Here are the bad things

* you have to learn yet another software program. new screens, new terms. it takes users 3-6 months to get proficient with a software package. This cost is something the poor user has to bear to switch between software programs.

* nutcracker is not integrated into LOR. So export your sequence, add stuff and then import back. This is inefficient, not user friendly.

* nutcracker does not have a grid that makes it easy to set individual lights like LOR, Vixen, LSP or HLS.

* I am not happy with the UI. My wish is that xlights would look like a video editor, one track for each model. drop a spiral and then drag it left and right. Have the waveform shown on the timeline .etc.


I would also mention in sequencers

Vixen 2.1

Vixen+. This is Macebobo's upgrade of Vixen 2.1. This has Nutcracker effects built into it.

Vixen 3. Great UI, maybe one of the most intuitive. Has Nutcracker effects built into it. Needs a large machine (4-8 cpus and 4-8 gigs of RAM to get the most out of it.



So, All sequencers have their strengths and weakness.


I am happy to see LOR adding RGB support, they have a great sequencer and it will become better.

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