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10W Rgb Floods From Amazon


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So looking around the internet at RGB floods i cam across these:




Has anyone ever used these? The price is what really got me. Thinking about adding some up-lighting to my display and i don't want to buy 100w floods. The only thing I'm concerned about is the longevity of these.


Or what might be cool is have them across the roof at the top pointing out.

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I think if you scan through all of the reviews there are more 3-5 than 1.  The majority of the 1 are upset because the light came with a pigtail and not a plug.

I used a couple of these fixtures to light up my poinsettia bushes, on white and was very pleased.  They were on a timer for some static walkway lights and I was surprised that they held their memory every evening.  Never had to touch the remote for the whole season.


The main concern that everyone should be aware of is that they are not grounded.  The "Earth" ground is loose and not connected.  Would highly recommend splicing on an extension with a spade lug to attach to one of the internal screws.  When you see the led driver wraped in what looks like wax paper, you can understand why you'll never see a UL label on them

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