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My Love For Hamberger Displays

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Buzz, Buzz& hump day!

Finally back at my cousins house. Landed in DFW airport this afternoon, met up with a seller & 2 buyers middle man for over 250 pieces. Unfortunatly we have no space back in NY for this part of th

Here they are

Posted Images


 That is texas, not my house in New York. I will show you a few pictures of what my guest bedroom. Its terrible the wharehouse is full and my garage is full and until  get more space it is just piles of animation all over the place.

Darrid is comming over in 2 weeks to see everything and hang out for a bit. He has the pics of my place. There is animation all over!!!

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Josh, these were just custom pieces not from the 50's. This design wasn't even done by Hamberger until the late 90's. I have the full set of the regular ones to compare, just the props are different.

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George thats a good one...lol


& with the Victorian Christmas set I think I have the girl as well. I had someone make a dress for her a while ago & should be getting that soon. It is different then the origonal Hamberger clothing but that is what makes it your own. I may be missing the seated boy only but will find him eventually.


Darrid - ready for this weekend?

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Yeah I know I think I am running out of space & that is only 1 room. It went from organized to just skillfully stacking.

Dont worry buddie I will find a spot in there for you... If not then you can stay in the wharehouse..LOL

Thankx again for posting pics for me my uploader is not working right

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