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My Love For Hamberger Displays

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Buzz, Buzz& hump day!

Finally back at my cousins house. Landed in DFW airport this afternoon, met up with a seller & 2 buyers middle man for over 250 pieces. Unfortunatly we have no space back in NY for this part of th

Here they are

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Reading this thread has been enlightening. Are these the same pieces on display in Branson, Missouri at The Shepherd of the Hills on the Trail of Lights driving tour? Welcome to the thread, keep checking in there is always a lot to see & learn here. As for the Shepherd of the Hills tour I have never seen it but I did look it up. It seems like a huge Christmas light walk through with some animation & some of the animation I saw is some of the same pieces of animation that we all have and / or are looking to buy. But to be general the animation is similar if not the same from what I saw.
They have a LOT of the elves and santas, animals, etc. We just went again last night. It looks like they have added a fair amount. The gift shop has a DVD tour as well.
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Is this ebay seller on crack? or am I just far to un-intelligent to see 2700+ dollars in value for a single piece... ?

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If you price out the workshop gnomes it definatly works out & add in the dog & clock which you will hardly ever see I think it is a good deal.Also because of the plexi glass & it is a built display on wheels.. Just where the hell would you put it in the off season. gnomes for the money.As for the other display that they have, well I would just stick to the workshop gnomes

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