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My Love For Hamberger Displays

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Buzz, Buzz& hump day!

Finally back at my cousins house. Landed in DFW airport this afternoon, met up with a seller & 2 buyers middle man for over 250 pieces. Unfortunatly we have no space back in NY for this part of th

Here they are

Posted Images

Information off he web about these.

Description below is not mine

santas peppermint elf / gnomes painting toys made by telco creations under licensee of David Hamberger. 23 inch tall with a 16 x 12 wood base after speaking with former telco employees and going threw all catalogs we came to the agreement that this must be the original proto type elf by david hamberger made for telco to be submitted here is how we came to this , in 1993 they made these peppermint gnomes but one was standing with shovel , one standing with sack and one sitting on floor legs straight out, this one her on auction ( never produced in peppermint gnome) in 92 , 93 94 they made santas elfs work shop figures making things ( elfs not gnomes) the work shop tables made in 92,93 and 94 were not made from real wood like this gnome , this is very well made , also notice the paint , in the mass produced work shop figures their were colored stickers placed all around to simulate paint or dust , this one on auction is much better quality made with real paint spread all over. their is no such item number in any of telcos salesmen catalogs i believe these are the only telco figures designed by David hamberger for telco creations this has to be one of the rarest telco items you will ever find.please email me with any questions or helful information.. back in 2000 i was picking up a friend who worked at telco creations , too make a long story short that day they made the decision to go out of business , by the end of the day i had over 200 animated figures in my driveway , many of them one of them one of a kind items , i have sold many of them on ebay over the years and many of you telco collectors out there have bought them. this year there is going to be some real nice animated figures that you just do not see out there, telco would make different variations of the same item to be submitted to either Disney , Warner bros etc,,,etc... in turn the company would pick which item they wanted to go into production and the other items would be put on the shelf, the similar items may just have different cloths , or a candy cane instead of a plate or lite in the hand. , sometimes certain stores would request certain items and these would be package differently in plain white or plain brown boxes , some of these were made much better then the actual items that went into production like wood bases instead of plastic bases . i have complete salesmens catalogs from 1986 to 2000 and some of these are not to be found in any of the catalogs. please look closely at the pictures , i have given a description above but please ask any questions you may have .

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Hamberger was the high volume leader in the mechanical animation business.  Unfortunately, their pieces were not the most durable, and in fact they were extremely fragile, so they often broke with improper storage. They were also largely unrepairable, mechanically, as they used sealed mechanisms and motors.

There were several other custom, low volume manufacturers of mechanical animation as well, including:

Silvestri Art Manufacturing, Chicago

Perren Gerber Associates  Chicago

Creative Presentations, Chicago

Advanced Animations, California

Howard-Harrill Georgia.


It should be noted that Perren (Perry) Gerber is considered to be the father of Custom Mechanical animation.  He originally worked for Silvestri, then Went on to start Perren Gerber.  He Later worked for Creative Presentations, before retiring to Georgia, and working for Howard-Harrill.

He had a team of experts who worked with him, who were the best at what they did, including George Schnoor, he chief mechanic, who designed the mechanisms, and Patricia (Patty) Whitmore, who was the seamstress.  Unfortunately, all are deceased.

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