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My Love For Hamberger Displays

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Buzz, Buzz& hump day!

Finally back at my cousins house. Landed in DFW airport this afternoon, met up with a seller & 2 buyers middle man for over 250 pieces. Unfortunatly we have no space back in NY for this part of th

Here they are

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Finally back at my cousins house. Landed in DFW airport this afternoon, met up with a seller & 2 buyers middle man for over 250 pieces. Unfortunatly we have no space back in NY for this part of the deal but the other 320 will come our way within the next 8 months. I was able to have my Uncle pick up & store a couple of figures in his warehouse for when I buy my home in Texas - a dozen or so Hamberger Halloween figures W props, 2 Hamberger Easter sets w. props, RKI full size Victorian Family Christmas set w back drop & a few other random figures for my collection & my friend that backed me in the deal. Will be home tomorrow & when I go back to Texas to look for a summer home I will take pics of the stuff that I sold & stuff that will be in the second half of the deal .

I am done buying for a while {except 1 other figure I will tell you about tomorrow}, now its time for the most important thing... Family time! All these figures are great to have but if they all crumbled to the ground, were taken from me or if I never got another one I would be fine because family is more important then latex figures. Yes  I am lucky enough to have a huge collection but I would say the same thing if I had only 2 figures. All of this means nothing with out family to share it with..

Good nite, be back in NY tomorrow afternoon

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Is that a wise man from a nativity set? I was wondering because in the bottom pic there seems to be a kneeling figure beside the one you  are working on.

Yes, I just restored a nativity for a local business. Just picked this guy up today. He needs a lot of work but I was able to save most of the clothes aside from obviously the moth  eaten felt jacket. I only need a few pieces of this set now to have it all. One of my good friends got me the chestnut cooker  and it is in perfect shape! Now I have to get him fixed up to match!



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Fixing arms and legs is a bit easier then doing the face. For the arms.

First remove clothing . Use an awl or flathead and pull out the staples that hold the clothes to the body then you can either do a quick fix w a tube from a paper towel roll, gorilla tape or cloth and gorilla glue and staple gun. You can use a fiber fix wrap which is good but bulky. If you want to do it right where it will last forever get some fiberglass cloth and gorilla glue or fiberglass resin, contact me and I will give you my number and walk you through it. It's a lot to type. Do not... NO NOT MAKE A FIX W HOT GLUE ONLY it will not hold for the run. The face is another story but that depends on what is wrong with it.

Let me knkw, any help or direction I can give you I will.



BTW nice piece,

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Here is a giant pair of scissors and sewing thimble from Hamberger I picked up this week. Just fiberglassed the handles as the latex was still very soft. Solid as a rock now! Hamberger sold these individually and they also came with the Tailor Mice set. Picking up the spools of thread soon as well!


tailor mice.jpg

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Seeing as how this is one of the longest running posts on here, thought I would join in.   A friend got this at a yard sale today.  She asked me if I knew what it was.   Told her I know nothing about it, but it looks like the things I have seen on here. Is it one of the figures that you all collect?  She said the arms do move.


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