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Best Way To Attach Strip Lighting To Gutters

Don Johnson

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Last year I used schedule 40 PVC to attach my RGB Strip Lights to the gutter.  I was not that thrilled with the results.  The main problem is that the PVC can flex when attaching them to the gutter and I believe that contributed to some of the faulty lights I ended up with.  I am looking for a new substrate to attach the strip lights to.


I am looking for something lite and inexpensive of course and that does not bend in a way that would damage the lights.


So... what are you guys using or any new ideas?





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You can come by and see mine, they're still on my gutter... I zip tied my rgb pixels to 3/4" sch40 and then used the vinyl j hook things every few feet. I will try to attach a picture later when I'm at home... if I forget, pm me...

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Ok, back home... here are some pictures...  The vinyl J-hook I was referring to is a 10' length of material sold in the vinyl siding department at your local home store.  I didn't invent it... saw it somewhere here and another local guy was doing the same thing.  I cut it into 12" to 18" long pieces and fastened it to the 3/4" SCH40 PVC as shown in the top picture.  I placed these every 4 feet or so, which is shown in the second picture.  The length of pipe shown in that second picture is 15' long.  My one gutter section is 30 feet and I did two of the 15' pipes.... Let me just say that it takes all of 2-3 minutes to put those up whereas placing those 100 lights on the gutter individually would take 1/2 hour the old way!  The last picture shows what the single 15' section looks like on the gutter.  What I like about this approach also is that I get everything perfectly spaced down on the ground which reduces time up on the ladder or the roof (which is really important when I do the same thing on the two-story portion of my house that is 20-25' up in the air).  At the very bottom, there is a link to the video of the roof lights...











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