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Als Ice Bucket Challenge


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This blasted Challenge has gotten WAY out of hand.. but in a good way.. Awareness of how destructive ALS is and helping to bring a cure for it. Probably one of the best marketing Campaigns in years. But it's designed in the spirit of giving, spirit of helping others, and the spirit of HOPE. Which is what we have always promoted in PC. 


My mother-in-law passed away in 1999 from ALS and at that time she spent the last 2 years of her life not trying to save herself but save others from it.She was involved in the research, She was very active in the Financial support of it, and while she knew she was not going to survive it, She had HOPE that one day, we would find a cure. This has always been personal for my family and now I have personally been Challenged to take the Ice bucket Challenge by 3 separate people within 24 hours. So I guess I gotta do it.. 


If you have been involved in this challenge post the links to your video here.. tell others... Donate what you can, and remember the people with it. become more aware of it. Someone you know may have even passed away with it and no one at the time could explain what was actually happening.. 


-Chris aka Sidey, aka Sidetrack73

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I am doing it today. Finally got challenged last night by my sister-in-law. My brother has been living with ALS for over 10 years and for over 5 years he hasn't been able to move or talk or breathe (without the aid of a machine). 

This disease SUCKS.

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