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250 led light platter fixture.

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Hi, I'm Gary and I am new around here. I hope I have found the right place to post this.

First, I found this forum after seeing a video floating around the net of an LOR display. I went out 2 weeks ago and bought a 16 channel controller, programmed 2 song animations and was thrilled.

I then came back to the forum and took alittle time to read and see whats here. Wow, an LED section. Now there is something I can relate too.

I have built a custom fixture that consists of a 7" wide platter populated with 250 or so LEDs. They are grouped into groups of the 3 primary colors. By changing the current to the color groups, you adjust the intensity. I placed this platter into a dome fixture I picked up at a building supply store. The dome is white opaque. 8 of these domes were mounted under the front eve of my roof, upside down.

The system is DMX controlled and can generate 16.2 million color combinations per fixture. A show can be created at 50 frames a second and make the lights appear in motion. There is virtually no limit to the number of fade, flash, wash, bounce, rainbow, solid color combination you can do.

When lit, they wash the front side of my garage in color.

At Christmas, they are, of course reds and greens with a little white twinkle put in for effect. But they are great for other holidays too. Pastel colors are even possible.

I will try and post some pics or video .... are links to that kind of thing ok on this board?

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Hi Gary!

Welcome to PlanetChristmas. I'm glad you found us. You'll find more creativity and help here than anyplace I've ever found on the net.

You are absolutely allowed to post links to video and pictures here. As a matter of fact we encourage it! Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like seeing others ideas in action.

I might suggest you post your links in the "Show & Tell" section here on the forums.

Looking forward to seeing your video. I've got some ideas running in my head for something similar using Malibu garden floods and Red, Green, and Blue C7 bulbs run from an LOR controller.

Scott Hardin

Columbus, IN

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I snapped a few photos this moring. I also took a real short video showing a fade from green to red. Here are the links to the photos. I will post the video later today.

A few more notes about the system. It can be controlled via the internet. I also designed a web page that displays on a PDA (iPaq) which has wireless. So, when I am around my home, I have a full blown wireless remote. The system can handle 256 fixtures. Obviously money would be a prohibitting factor for a system that large. The system will also pulse to the beat of music using a winamp plugin.

My thought is that a similar fixture can be make using led or standard christmas lights and controlled using LOR. The one thing that would make it easier is if LOR allowed you to enter a brightness value from 0 to 256.

Oh yeah, here is are a couple of photos ofa bridgeI did.......

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Yes, it is the mid-hudson bridge. I designed the communications system and program all the shows.

Cost... I knew that question would come up... The platters are from a company named "Color Kinetics". When new, they cost around $500 each. They no longer manufacturer the model I used. I picked mine up on ebay for about $50 each used. The bigger issue is the cost of the controller. I do not know the current cost. I obtained mine as a beta tester for the company.

Yes, the cost is high for this system. That is why I mention building your own using standard or LED x-mas lights and using LOR for control.

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The actual light platters when new, cost around $500.... If you look around e-bay, you can find them for much less.

I am not into blowups but thought that one light platter inplace of the standard white light would allow you to cycle and or change colors for the blowup.

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