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Applying Rgb Superstar White In Sequence Editor To Entire Row


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I have several channels programmed in regular LOR 16 channel controllers in white, but I want to upgrade to RGB Bulb controllers next year and use the same sequencing.  I would like to copy the programming for the whites into the 3 rows of the RGB, but I don't like the RGB whites when each is set to 100%.  Superstar does white better with the lesser percentages of BG, but not all my songs are programmed in SuperStar.  What I am looking to accomplish is taking my existing song programming of on/off/twinkle, etc. and convert the basic LOR white color to the different pink hue without having to change each few seconds of the song. Is that confusing?  I just want to select the entire row in the RGB channel and say instead of 100% white RGB, make it pink. Is that possible?  I can do it for each section of the song, but it is taking me forever and I have a lot of controllers I will have to do it to. 

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