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Good Bye Griswalds.


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Sorry it’s been so long, I have decided to sell all my “Stuff” I was going to post it on Planet Christmas but decided on Ebay.  Over the next ten days I will be listing. Everything will be under “LOR Christmas” (Even if it’s not an LOR Items)


WHY? Competition. Not with Neighbors but with you. (Please don’t take it the wrong way) When I started in 1995 I had a really small display. I was so into decorating and the “what else can I do!”. Every year it grew and grew. I was excited. Any seasoned “griswald” can tell you how many times they have re-built their display. I remember when inflatables, Wooden Character, Blow Molds, Mechanical figures, Wire frames where “IN” and I had them.


Some of you who are new may not remember C-9’s or C-7s… LOL


 In 2002 I fell off the roof while putting up lights, 2003 hurt climbing a tree putting up stars, in 2005 a foot of snow of snow. YES I cleared the snow off the lawn so you could see the lights on the grass. Every year something or someone would try and prevent me. The township, with a threat to charge me for traffic control. The kids arguing on who was going to help Dad today. On and on.. Every year a reason to stop but I didn’t.


Finally 2009 was the last year I ran a show.  I said to myself I’ll take one year off. In 2010 I was dragged by family members to see a home 40-miles way. This home was, according to a newspaper “AMAZING”. It was far from it! I left that night and said to myself “my display is awesome!!”. For sure I was going to decorate in 2011 but I didn’t. That year was the year of the “Extreme Decorating” every time I turned on the TV, opened up the computer someone did something more amazing then the other guy. Now I need to come up with a new plan. Re-work the layout, Synch new Songs, Get Cosmic LEDs Something…


September 2012 all boxes in brought out, Controllers tested, everything getting ready. The Day after Halloween is when everything starts to go up!


On Friday the 26th of October my work calls me and says “We are changing the schedule. We Want you to be home for this storm that’s coming” (I travel for work) I thought that was odd? I haven’t paid much attention to this storm. (Never have in the past) See my decorating Home is in NJ, but our summer home is in Breezy Point NY. On Sunday the 28th of October I was relieved from work early; I went to the beach house to weather out the storm. The next 3 days was a living nightmare and the Next 30 days was hell.    


In a matter of 3-years I was 10-years away in technology/design. I wish I had 100x16ch controllers, 5 miles of Cosmic LED, Laser lights, 10,000 foot Mega Tree, Snow Machine, Warm weather and a Full time computer programmer. . I wish I had the Drive I had in 1995 but I don’t. I feel as if I am too far away from “catching up” I made my decision and I am the one who has to explain to everyone why. Probably for a long time.


A word to the Wise. Don’t  Stop, even for a year because chances are you might not get back into it like me.  


I want to Thank Everyone who helped me over the years, a special thanks to Dan from LOR on all my last minute issues. My neighbors who put up with all of the traffic. And everyone who sent me letters of gratitude over the years.   


Signing off for the last time.
Paul Wolf Lawrenceville, NJ


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Major bummer, I have a fairly elaborate display of new stuff and I'm getting into rgb's but I know I'll never be current with technology and I'm probably going to accept that as gospel.

I want you to know that it is the wooden figure, blow mold, wire frame displays that really makes me feel like it is christmas. That is the stuff that makes me feel like a kid again and I wish I saw more of it around. I do have a serious appreciation for all of the hard work and technology that goes into the new displays but they seem to be less of a christmas light show and more of just a light show. Am I at the pick Floyd laser lights or a Christmas display???

Again, I like all types of displays, big and small, old and new, but it is the old fashioned type that warms my heart.

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I took 1 year off, cause I needed a break from the work and the electric bill, and I hated every day that my display wasn't up.  Worst decision I ever made, and will probably never happen again.  Sure, right now where we have 4-6" of snow on the roof I'm upset I can't get up there and get my reindeer and sleigh down, but it is what it is.  We won first place in our towns Christmas light contest this year, so it was all worth it.  I'm a blow mold guy, and will never have a fancy synced to music display, and I'm perfectly fine with that because people still come to see my house every night.  If you try to keep up with the Jones you are doing it for all the wrong reasons and will never be happen.    Good luck with the future.

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