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Suggestions For Seated Santa Prop

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I need your suggestions. I'm want to have a life-size (because, you know...he's real) Santa, seated on a bench. He would be outside and would be used by visitors to sit next to and have their pictures taken. I don't think parents would think to put their kids on him but you never know. He would sit in my backyard during the evening and I'd pull him off just before Virtual Santa would come on.

In 2014, I walked out on to my porch dressed as Santa after Virtual Santa would end as if he was leaving my house. The crowd went nuts when I did this last year. Once the crowd had gotten their photos, I would go car to car making sure everyone got a chance to see Santa.

I thought that this year that I would wave to the visitors and invite them to follow me into the backyard. I would then sit on the bench for photos. My back can't handle standing for more than a few minutes at a time and I thought that it would make for a better picture to be seated next to Santa with his arm around you.

I'm looking for inexpensive suggestions to build a Santa stand-in for me to be available for pictures during the evening when I'm not there as Santa,




Chuck aka WhitePlainsNY

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