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High End Incandescent Options Disappearing

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It was bound to happen as LED minis caught on,and after looking at company websites,I see Bethlehem Lights/GKI have removed the entire line of the high end "Perm o Snap" incan. minis {in production for at least the last 25 years} from their catalog,and drastically pared down their other lines of incan. minis from every color in the rainbow to just 2 options,clear or multicolored sets.GE has made similar cuts,less options of buying a solid color set,say all red or all blue.....and just offering clear or multi sets.A few more seasons,and chances are the remaining offerings will disappear entirely.Time to "salt away" some of the higher end incan. sets to pull out in 20 years or so to have a unique, nostalgic display!

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