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Sequencing Class at Expo


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I'll be teaching 3 blocks of sequencing classes on Friday 7/17 at Christmas Expo in Ft. Worth. I go over my fun and easy process for sequencing songs using Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, and leveraging features in Audacity, and Nutcracker. We start at zero and end with a finished sequenced song.
08:30 - 09:30 am, 09:45 - 10:45 am, 11:00 - 12:00 pm 
I had great fun doing this last year. This year I added a bunch of new tricks including some learned at last year's expo, plus I sprinkle in some RGB.
See you at Expo.
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Just looked and I have 128 slides (all backup). 

What we are going to spend our time on in these 3 blocks is sequencing a song from beginning to end. Actually, I'll have two example sequences that we will build through the course of the class that folks can use back home.

We will talk about everything. Mostly using LOR, but we hit all other tools that you use along the way: Nutcracker, Audacity, Bob's Vegomatic, etc. 

This year I will be also including some RGB sequencing too.

I'm targeting other people like me that have a heavy mix of Light-O-Rama, some LOR RGB, and DMX RGB. 

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Excellent class, I learned a lot of new stuff, still trying to understand everything.  Will have to practice and check out the videos on your website.

Thanks for the great classes

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