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Greetings from the Chicago Suburbs

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Greetings from "Christmas Jim" in the suburbs of Chicagoland.  We've been members here at Planet Christmas since 2013, but have been more lurkers than posters. 

We do seven trees indoors and about 15,000 static lights outdoors (including a 10' Mega Tree with a four channel dumb box sequencer on it, and 16 mini tomato cage trees, and slow progression in recent years from incandescent to LED.)

I figure since there's very little action here on the indoor side of the forums, I'd see if we can ramp that activity up!  We'd like to see your stuff!

You can see more of our holiday decor work at www.christmasjim.com

Here are a few photos of our decor last year:


IMG_3610.thumb.jpg.24b9d89a3cabd5170fd77  IMG_3645.thumb.jpg.6dd7076b0b8df36a4f475


IMG_3171.thumb.jpg.17f8a6596f07074c9d03a  IMG_3618.thumb.jpg.8a356868486319b44abfe

IMG_3636.thumb.jpg.c76e6b1255e7f38ba5a20  IMG_3180.thumb.jpg.5da6413e232f04689ac59 

Outdoors, 2013:


Outdoors, 2014:



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Welcome to the addiction. Glad you finally came out of the shadows. Very nice display inside and out. Great idea to see what folks do inside. My wife decks out the inside pretty well, but no pictures yet posted. I may have to dig some out.

One of the biggest outside  features at our display, actually is the inside tree, what we refer to as the "Tree in the Window" it gets lots of attention from the outside and can be seen on my webpage in the latest years photo section.

Looking forward to seeing what this thread generates!

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Very beautiful display so net and organized.  What brand of trees do you use I was looking at getting a new tree this year.  This is the tree I was looking at.



Hi Scott, thanks for the compliment!

The tree that you linked is gorgeous. I just don't know much about that company.

We use Balsam Hill trees http://www.balsamhill.com/ That company really is the "go-to" for designers and commercial interior decorators and their trees are featured heavily on TV talk show sets. And they do sell to the general public through their website.

The side trees in our dining room are Vienna Twig Trees, which are by Vickerman. their wholesale site is at: http://www.vickerman.com/

They also sell on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vickerman-Vienna-Tree-Unlit-6-Feet-Brown/dp/B004A9O1MU

Best, Jim

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I just got to say it,

As spectacular as your decor is, where's the flocked tree?

You just can't have a complete display without a nod to what once was very popular, and is still a real eye catcher when done right.

Don't tell me you don't have a corner one could occupy.

Might grow on you, and you can do your own!

Tell all about how to do it in the 'Trees in every room thread'


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Hello Jim, I'm from Chicago too but now I live in Georgia. You have some beautiful trees there. We had the twelve trees of Christmas. Here are a few pics 20141224_162808.thumb.jpg.164066fd30046120141224_172638.thumb.jpg.8e75faa0c65bad20141224_172724.thumb.jpg.ca42ad630ae82b20141224_191613.thumb.jpg.23b9a8655796a320141224_191753.thumb.jpg.0601ac495e78fa20150125_163516.thumb.jpg.315121dc1d3e4120150125_075308.thumb.jpg.7efc8430a76c6a

Well maybe you don't have room for a flocked tree among all the others?

Like seeing those Spire Tree Toppers. Gonna have one on mine this year as well, now that I've found a real blown glass one......finally!

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