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Creative Displays LED's

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dtrammell wrote:

Wow, I thought 1024X768 was going to be small enough, but ok. I was able to cropthe originala bit to bring down the size, hopefully that's small enough.

THANKS!! It's MUCH better now!


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An additional plus for the Creative Displays LEDs that I only recently realized the value of (see my Philips LED string discussion). The wiring that goes into the base is very nicely sealed on the Creative Displays strings.

The value there is...

1] The wires are less likely to get pulled out

2] No GFCI issues as water gets into the base

3] Less corrosion issues (because the bulbs are sealed)

I'm liking these Creative Displays LEDs more and more.

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dtrammell wrote:

Anyone else have any ideas?

Well 1st as is suggested, if you can, take them back.

Now if you are stuck with a string like I was, because you got it on sale after Christmas last year (not Creative Displays but LEDs anyway)...couple things I found out about the ones I had.Don't know if this pertains to a lot/all of the leds or just certain ones.

Mytrouble started when I pulled them out of the box, they did light in the box, but when I pulled them out of that plastic piece...couple of bulbs came out. So I did what I usually do, stick them back in. Now you know how with regular minis you can stick them in as long as the elements connect, doesn't matter which side of the sideways you put them inand you are ok.What I found out was that with this set of lights...even though the elements hit on the sides they only work when they go in one way. So the elements can connect but still nothing.

I about drove myself nuts trying to find out which bulbs I had just putback in. Then of course Imust have picked the wrong ones, making matters even worse. Checked for loose connections...replaced the fuses...looked at the wiring...the whole thing and nothing.

So after being frustrated last year with minibulbs being out in strings...I decided to get myself a light keeper pro, as shown here on a previous thread. Oh, but it says you can't use them on leds. Then again...what did I have to lose with that string, asit was already dead. So I gave them the little jolt...nothing. I did find out that it does test for the break in the connection with LEDs. So I went along the wire. Beep Beep all the way to the end.So electric was getting through all the way. Darn now what. So I noticed when I tried to jolt them that some of them weregiving a short blink. So turned off the lights,and started clicking. I could see a little spark in some,oh but the ones that weren't in right...didn't spark...so it was just a matter of turning them around the right way and now they do light.

I wasn't too happy though with the factthat the instructions in thelight keeper pro, in the handle, were only in Spanishwhen they were supposed to be in both Spanish and English...after all I bought it in Targethere in the U.S. and I should have English instructions. So I ended up going onto the web sight to hear and readall the instructions. I was going to complain about this...maybe I still should.

Now it is not worth going out and getting one of these if all you have to fix isone string. However, I pulled it out just tonight because after all the wind we had yesterday...some of my lights were not lit outside. Of course...what I didn't knowwas that it had been so windy that it actually took some of the lights right out of the sockets (I was a little surprised myself over this). The light keeper pro though does have a little led light that came in handy so I could find the lights on the ground...stopped me from having to run inside for a flashlight.

I do figure I will be using it more when I start to get my lights ready to put up.

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