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COB filament lights - why hasn't this technology come to C7 and C9 retros yet?

Cullen Wassell

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Posting this mainly in the hopes that someone who has connections with a manufacturer(s) will read. 

COB filament bulbs have been around for awhile, and they can be had in color temperatures that are just about dead-on with the illuminated color of tungsten filaments.

It's even been scaled down for small bulbs, such as those little halogen bulbs with the wire leads - so why hasn't it come to Christmas lighting? The small bulbs aren't terribly expensive - around a buck each, maybe a little more, is what I'm seeing - not that far out of line with current LED retro prices.

Seems like this technology would make the best looking retros, I really can't belive it hasn't caught on in this area yet. Maybe people don't want glass bulbs? Small price to pay, if you ask me. 

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