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FS: several Joshua 1 Sys (J1SYS) p12 pixel controllers FULL SETUP


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Hey all,

I am looking to get rid of a few of my J1SYS p12 controllers to go in another direction.  There are several p12s controllers and there is one p12d long range controller (which I thought I would use and then never bought any of the receivers, which you can get from Ed @ J1SYS).  When I build things, I tend to build them up heavy duty.  These are in Wiegmann steel NEMA cases and use all heavy duty cable glands to get the power and signals out.  They also have weatherproof RJ45 jacks to get the e1.31 signal into the controller.  I have tons of pictures of the build processes for these, but will only post a couple in this thread unless somebody says "hey, do you have a pic zoomed in on XXXXX region?".  These are all wired up for 5V and possess a single 350W 5V power supply inside the case.  Two of the cases have white cabling coming out and the others have black cabling.  The cabling is Ray Wu three-core 13.5mm pigtails 1.5 meters (5 feet) long.  Each case has twelve (12) female cables coming that go to pixel #1 with data and power and then twelve (12) male cables that go to your end pixel (in my case pixel #100) carrying only fused power for injection.  My entire display is built around the principle of "50 up and 50 down" where I inject power at pixel #100.

I know you can buy a new controller these days for $200.  Then you have to get a case, a power supply, the cables to go in and out, internal wiring, etc.  These come tested and ready to roll right into your display.  I would like to get $225 + shipping per controller.  The logic behind this is that you have a $200 controller, a $20-30 power supply, $50 worth of pigtails, another $10-20 worth of cable glands, and then a $40 case.  I know most folks use CG-1500 cases, so let's pretend that I had these in one of those cases @ $10 each, you're still into around $310 and you can get this assembled for $225.  Some folks don't want to have to put something together.

I suppose another scenario might be that I sell these without the cables (not everybody uses the same pigtails to hook up their lights or the same power injection scheme).  I would simply remove the cables and sell the rest of the case, controller, glands, and power supply for $200.

Feel free to make an offer if you feel the price is too high, I obviously reserve the right to refuse said offer   ;-)

Thanks for looking, take care,






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