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FS: bunch of random electrical and Christmas light related stuff


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Hey all,

I'm still going through that "post season" clean up phase and have been going through my attic like gang-busters finding stuff that I just don't need anymore. I'm basically looking for offers (feel free to low-ball) but you have to pay shipping or come pick them up from me in Melbourne, FL.

- 36" earth anchors, which were used for my 20 foot megatree until we moved to a place with different soil and I had to switch to 15" earth anchors. Several of these are used and several are new. They are all getting a fresh coat of Rustoleum black paint. Four of these (I think) had nuts welded to the top so that you could use a heavy duty impact driver and drive them into the ground

- 125A Cutler Hammer NEMA rated sub-panel with I think 10/20 breaker slots (will have to confirm). This has one knock-out on the side opened up because of how I used it and one on the bottom.

- numerous 125V 15A GFCI outlets. I used to have a 24 outlet power box installed on the side of my house when I ran a dozen or so LOR controllers (fed by dueling 50A RV electrical hook-ups which are also available, but not pictured here). These GFCI outlets were obviously a key part of that... as were the breakers listed below

- numerous BD2020 Cutler Hammer electrical breakers. These are the kind where you get two circuits in one slot.

- several Christmas LED .com LED flood lights, one warm white, one green, one red.

- one Christmas Light Show.com 3-way 24" megatree star topper

So, have it, PM me with offers... again, I'm mostly looking to get these out of my garage ....

Thanks for looking










Also, as mentioned, I used to feed my entire twelve-controller LOR setup with dual 50A RV disconnects on the side of the house.  I'm interested in getting those out of my attic / garage as well if anybody is interested.  I'm not sure how many folks still run shows with 100's of amps of power drawer, but this was the perfect setup...  Again, looking for any and all offers.





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