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so I got another big order in from HLE


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I finally got my other big order in from holiday-light-express.com 

When I say a big order I mean over 40,000 lights and other items

I'd like to just explain a few things/ review. All I've ever really read is they have good quality so I took the dive and made a huge investment. 

The lights, I ordered all m5/6 (same size some refer to them differently )  quality seems second to none. Bright? Quite the understatement!

5" light stakes, you won't find anything like them. Zero flex, seem extremely sturd/ solid. Hopefully get a couple seasons from them, although I don't use many.

Spt wire, not much to say. I do likethat it comes on a spool. This was bought for the single purpose of making my own random stringer for c9 sockets for strobes. ( placing sockets on spt 2 is a real PITA) 

Got a few spt plugs M & F,  no complaints they match the others I've ordered.

Led white strobes, I tend to like these much better than the xenon ones,  much brighter, more of a pure white. Time will tell which last longer.


Over all customer service I received, you just don't find anymore. I made a change or two to the order after it was placed and they had no problems in doing so, which was awesome! 


Anyone one the fence about ordering anything, figure this might give some insight!!


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I totally agree with you. I made a smaller order than you but still substantial to me. I ordered 96 strings of 70 ct C6 strings, 8 icicle lights and some male & female connectors for a total of around 7300 lights. I've ordered from HLE before and there products are top notch and my order happened to be in stock so I had the whole order in a matter of days! I also like that they have a 3 year warrantee on the lights in case I'm not able to use these this year. I plan to continue to order from them.




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I just made a GIANT order too and this is like the 6th order form this company.  We do a light show with 16 houses ( so you do the math!)  They are very easy to work with, good quality lights with no issues.  The girls in the office are great to work with also.  Pre-sale prices are hard to beat with no minimums!  Highly recommend  :-)

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