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  OK everyone,
         I'm very premature in letting this out. I had such a revelation last year using the raspberry pi with FPP, that I thought I would let the cat out of the bag. Plus I got a good deal with my host provider. I wanted to give back to the hobby I love so much that I came up with this concept a long time ago but just getting it now implemented. Live shows, with Skype guests, and live Chat Q&A. I want to show everyone how I set my display up and hope to give a different perspective, and also help with others who want to get started, and/or just needs help. Sometimes it's not just reading it on the forums but actually seeing it done by just a plain Christmas Geek like me. For anyone getting started. I have a basic layout of my display located in the how to tab, on how I ran it last year. It was the best presentation in the 8 years I've been doing this. Xlights and FPP is going to be a much bigger part of this years prep, and I hope I can share my experiences good and bad with everyone. I want to keep this on a simple, not to technical format. (do to the fact I'm not) We will cover some good stuff hopefully with the help of you, and the communities.
                   Let me know if this could benefit anyone. The chat room is live for comments. Just go to the Live tab under shows. I hope to see you at:   http://www.christmastech.tv/

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