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FS: Never Used CDI LED Strings


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More cleaning out the garage today to make additional storage space...I'm selling these brand new never used CDI LED Strings from Paul Sessel. They are called M6 on the box, but the bulbs are slightly skinnier than what you might be used to. In addition, these strings have removable bulbs, and come with spare bulbs and fuses taped on the string. Rectifier components are built into the ends as pictured. Here is a list of what I have:

50 ct Blue - 24 strings

50 ct Green - 7 strings

50 ct Red - 7 strings

100 ct Blue - 21 strings

100 ct Warm White - 7

I'm asking approximately half the price of Paul's current sale price...

50 ct strings are $4 each, and 100 ct strings are $7 each, plus my actual cost for shipping from 92124. PayPal accepted....Thanks...




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Mind sharing a rough weight, so we could rough guess shipping? Maybe the weight of 7 strings...we could multiply up from there...I'm definitely interested.

Noob question, though: what are rectifier components? Not familiar with that...

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Yes, Merry, these are the replacement strings that Paul sent out to replace the defective ones from that era ...

Webgoof, the 50ct strings are a little less than 1 lb each, and the 100 ct strings are a little more than one pound.  Just send me a list of what you're interested in and I'll figure out the shipping...

The rectifiers are used on LED strings to turn the AC line power to DC that operate the lights.  Some strings have lumps in the middle or on the ends, but these strings have those components in the plugs and receptacles on the ends of the strings....

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