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RGB Stuff for sale (lots)


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These are all dumb RGB items.

Used One Season;

Dumb RGB modules (these) . These are connected to these 3 channel controllers. I also have white 4 core connectors (these) with male and female ends.

These were setup for my windows. So I have 7 of the above with 26 RGB modules connected (one set has 25 and I will include a separate rgb module NOT connected). Then I have another set of 6 with 32 modules connected. Again all these have the connectors on them. The double sided tape on each HAS BEEN USED. You would need to purchase some double sided tape to put these directly on what ever you are going to put them on. Or in the case of window frames (as I used them on) you could zip tie them.  THEY ARE VERY BRIGHT.  You can see that in this video;

I'm attaching pictures of the modules, the spent tape on the backs, the controller itself, and the 4 core connector. Note on some controllers, I hot glued the box tops. This can be (and has been when I didn't have the dip switches set right!) opened. Some I did not hot glue. Some were under a porch and didn't think they needed it. Honestly NONE needed to be hot glued but I had already gone thru the pains of doing it. Live and learn.

I will sell these for $12.00 a piece for the 26 setup and $18.00 a piece for the 32 setup. (But wait, read on...)

I have 32 rgb modules not used (brand new) with tape in tack. I will sell those for $15.00.

I have 2 rgb strips (brand new, still in bag) that are the silicon tube. These are ip67 rated. I have 1 rgb strip (brand new, still in bag) that is the silicon filled (ip68) as well. These I will sell for $15.00 a piece. These type strips were used on the roof strips and gutters.

If you want to purchase EVERYTHING I will sell all for $180.00.  Do the math... separately it would be $240.00.  All prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. I am more interested in someone buying the entire package than parting it out. You are welcome to email me if you are wanting pieces. I will do first come first serve if I cannot sell as a whole. Also prices are firm, so after I start parting it out, prices will remain the same.

After I change out my gutters and roof strips to pixels, I may have some USED rgb strips for sale. Some pixels (dumb) are out. These strips will be highly discounted.

Do not PM me. Emails please to [email protected] .








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Not quite completely. My Christmas light display expands, when I get extra "gigs". Joey I think you know I am a middle school band director. I judge, band festivals, band tryouts and work band camps. Got a few extra "gigs" last year that helped me get more "stuff" this year. Slowly changing over ;-)

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