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For Sale: Blue LEDs 70ct, full wave, sealed


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For Sale: Blue LED 70ct strings (used)

All strings all full wave, sealed, 70 count, Blue LEDs, on green wire. $4.00 per string.

Strings are used but in good condition.

65 strings of C6 - $4.00 per string

30 strings of M6 - $4.00 per string

Price is plus PayPal fees and actual shipping from Memphis, TN. Will ship to the 48 US states. Local pickup is fine too.

If you are going to the Expo in Chicago I can deliver them to you there and save the shipping. This would require payment now to hold them for delivery/pickup in Chicago.

2016-06-27 22.16.47.jpg

2016-06-27 22.16.49.jpg

2016-06-27 22.17.56.jpg

2016-06-27 22.22.25.jpg

2016-06-27 22.22.55.jpg

2016-06-27 22.25.17.jpg

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On 4/12/2017 at 8:44 PM, Scott4864 said:

I do, I actually found more after I sold some of these. I'll check and see how many I have when I get home. How many are you looking for?  

Keep me posted on whats available, the super strings I got from you last year are awesome!! 

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28 minutes ago, Big J Illinois said:

I bought MANY R,G,B and many super strings, all C6,from Scott and LOVED them!! You won't be disappointed! !

I wouldn't mind having about 15 sets of the superstrings I got last year, my little display has grown quiet a bit this year

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1 hour ago, Big J Illinois said:

Those where SUPER bright, and did I mention, when I bought them, the better half had a s$$t fit lololol....but sooooo worth it!!

Big J as the year rolls in around the months of June...July...and into October, I find myself sleeping on the couch more often as a result of my purchases and the aftermath of the S*#t fits you described above...lol

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