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If You Could Start Over.. New Setup Advice


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Hey Gents, 

First time Homeowners gearing up to rock our first Christmas with a respectable inaugural static display. With the advancement in lighting technology and efficiency of LED's, we're glad to be getting into the market now.

I'm not committed to anything in particular, but I've been eyeing Warm White C9 LED's and Stringer Wire from HLE:

http://www.holiday-light-express.com/C9_stringers.php (Stringer Wire)

http://www.holiday-light-express.com/C9_retrofit_bulbs.php (C9 LED's Bulbs - Warm White) 

I like the stringer wire since you can cut to size for our dormers. Will pick up some additional M/F plugs as well. We're just going for clean lines on the roof and possibly around windows, but the real impression could be made with our long winding driveway. When all of the leaves fall, you can see the house pretty clearly from the road and I can only imagine what the driveway will look like with trees candy cane wrapped 20' up lining the driveway. 

What do you guys think of the C9's I've chosen for the roof? The house is 2700sq ft. Would you pick up a roll of 1000' socketed-wire or would you do smaller lengths of 50' - 100'? I'm open to anything and understand many here have learned from their own mistakes already. I'm sure I will do the same, but sharing your experience with our starter kit is very much appreciated.

As for the driveway... (Feeding from an exterior power outlet) I was thinking of just burying 12/2 or 10/2 UF Cable (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Southwire-250-ft-12-2-Gray-Solid-UF-B-W-G-Cable-13055955/202316281) 18" deep from the house down along the sides of the driveway in order to feed 100' strands going up each tree (warm white m5/6 LED's?). Was thinking of doing 14-20 trees. We're staying classic warm white with this first setup. A Winter Wonderland sort of feel.

A disclaimer: I know we're looking for a considerable kit at the cusp of high dollar season, so I'm not looking to break the bank for a grand slam retirement setup in our first season. But, I definitely want the roof/windows lined and the trees down the driveway wrapped. Anything else you guys/gals can manage to talk me in to would be a bonus pending budget flexibility. I'm definitely looking forward to January to beef up our setup with post-Christmas sales as well. 


Thanks for your time and knowledge. 







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Going with LED there is virtually no amp draw. If your already going to go through the trouble of digging a trench for a couple outlets you may as well just put it in underground pvc conduit, just for the added protection of the wire and you could use standard wire at that point.  And if possible go straight to your panel and put in a dedicated circuit. HLE is an excellent place to get your lights, ive ordered my fair share and will probably be ordering another large chunk this year. Love working with them. A spool of stringer is a great way to go as it leaves you room to expand if you so choose, or if for some reason you damage any or some of your stringer you can easily replace it. I personally love the m5/6 lights.    I know you want to do this season, but really i would wait on the m5/6 lights till the end of the season sale at HLE, you can get a lot more lights for you buck! Thus you can do more trees! =)

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I think 1000 ft of C9 might me a little on the high side for your house. I think a 500ft spool would be plenty. Just eye balling it, you have 225ish feet of roofline. more if you did both ends of the house. Less if you weren't going too crazy and just did the front and the dormers. 

Either 5mm or M5 would look great on your trees. A while back I did a guys woods behind his house the same way. We just randomly trunk wrapped a bunch of trees in his woods, and it looked pretty awesome. 

But, through Wednesday, we have 10% off your order if you use coupon code GHOST. So that will help get the cost of your project down a bit. 

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. 


Also, if you have not done C9 retros before this may help:


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