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Need help finding LED's


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Ok I bought the Homedepot Energy Smart Colorite 50-Light LED Multi-Color C9 Light Set, but I only want to have red, green, and white sets.  I take out all the blue and orange and then take red, green, and white from another set to make one set.  Where can I buy just the red, green, white bulbs and the lights.   I have a bunch of extra strings and want to stop wasting them and it's getting expensive to buy 5 sets of lights to only get 3 sets.  Here is a link to the set I buy - http://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-Energy-Smart-Colorite-50-Light-LED-Multi-Color-C9-Light-Set-97765HD/203267284?keyword=GE+C9+LED+xmas+lights

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