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3D Christmas Projection Effects available


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Hi Everyone,

I am a long time graphics/web/music/sound/tech guy, and I love Christmas and Halloween effects.  I just set up a site to make some of my projection effects available for purchase at ProjectionFX.com and this seemed like a good place to mention it.  These are effects intended either for rear projection in windows, or even better, on the entire front of a house or garage using just about any video projector combined with a media player or computer.  We currently have three looping effects available as well as an entire sound and light "show" and will be adding more effects.  The "show" uses many of the techniques you might see in a professional 3D mapped presentation (i.e. effects that appear to pop out of the background), and works well on any relatively flat surface.  It definitely draws onlookers, and there is a preview link on the products page.   Thanks for looking!



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