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(Need quick help) Issues with LOR RGB Pixel Tree + LOR Sequences


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My outcome: To find the quickest way to get my new LOR RGB pixel tree up & working w/ my pre-sequenced LOR music.

This is my 1st year animating, and I had 16 channels working for Halloween.
(I have a programming & EE background so technicals are no issue...lack of time is my biggest obstacle this year)

I recently purchased & setup a LOR RGB pixel tree:  http://store.lightorama.com/whpitrkit16s.html

I can not get the RGB tree lighting up w/ my current sequences and LOR software. (I haven't done any customization in the LOR software yet - I'm not sure what I need to do.)

The attached pic shows my controller connections/diagram.


  1. I currently only have LOR "Basic Plus"...do I need to upgrade to get it to work with the RGB tree?
  2. Will the LOR pre-sequenced music work with the RGB tree?
    • Do I need to map a set of RGB channels to the current sequences...which are only looking for 16 channels vs the 1,200 of the tree? (I'd like to start out simple with just each set of 25 RGB/s on 1 strip all equaling 1 LOR channel or something similar.)
    • What is the fastest way to get a "quick & dirty" RGB tree up & running w/ LOR sequences?  I can tweak/customize it after I get the basics working.
  3. Will the setup I drew on the diagram work?
    • Can I run the FM transmitter off of controller ID #2 as shown? (It seems to be working for all but the RGB tree)
    • Is using 50 ft. Cat5 cables okay?

PS - Everything is "ReadyToGO" and put together by LOR so it should be just a programming and/or setup issue vs. a hardware issue.


Thank you for ALL and ANY of your help!  It's massively appreciated by all of my family and my neighbors - Merry Christmas!


-- Jason







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