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Can you cut wires

Mike wentzel

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6 hours ago, Mike wentzel said:

can I just cut what I need from another strand of lights and than just wire it together 

If you want to just shorten a second strand and put it on the end of the first strand, then you will need to add a resistor to account for all the LEDs you removed....otherwise you will smoke em like Big J said.

If you want to add them into the first strand, then they will all burn dimmer since you added additional LEDs inside the circuit.  Now if the 25 strand has resistors in it, you could remove some of them to brighten them back up. But there is math involved in calculating the new resistor requirements in your new custom strand.  http://www.instructables.com/id/Choosing-The-Resistor-To-Use-With-LEDs/

So,  how many LED C7s are in a "foot or two"?  All one color or multicolor?  Because every LED color is a different voltage and that will effect what you are trying to do. 

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