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Not feeling very joyful


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I am having some of the worst luck this month.  Nothing seems to be going right.  Fedex lost my package,  my mini incan Christmas lights are going out daily,  1/4 of a led tree just went dark,  my flag pole got whipped around by the wind and broke off in the holder so now my Noel flag is in the garage, but the worst is one of the guys putting insulation in my attic fell through my family room ceiling....WHAT A MESS!  

Thanks for letting me rant

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11 hours ago, mwalz said:

Hang in there man, take a breather. We are always here to let someone rant. Things can only get better from here on:)


:) Thank you mwalz

19 minutes ago, creepycrawlspace said:

You still have your health and family. I know display problems are bad but it could be worse. I went through a breakup this year and will be alone at Christmas for the first time in 11 years and I'm sure other people have it much worse than we do. 

:) Thank you, you are right.  

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