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Repairing LED strings, various methods


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Over the last several years I have had many led stings fail. I use the sealed type from CDI. All strings are 50 count red, green and blue. I dont think I have ever had a red string fail. Mostly blue and green. 

So for the past several years I have been labeling the bad strings with a note as to what the issue is, rolling them up and stuffing them in a box. So, the time has come start reviving my strings. I have had several that failed due to 

a bad blob ( as some folks would call them), or bad led's. Attached is a pdf document that I found several years ago but dont know who the author is. It shows you how to use full wave rectifiers when the"blobs" have failed, or if  you want to create a custom length string. I have taken several of my strings of 50ct and converted them to full wave rectifiers. Basically making 2ea 25ct strings with AC voltage feed thru..

I also purchased a LED Keeper Pro to assist with those strings that just had bad leds. Remember these string incorporate 2 series ckts of 25 leds each. SO when 1 leds opens, the whole half of the string is dead. I found in many cases that I had more than 1 bad led in a series string. In some cases there were so many bad leds, all the good ones were saved as donor leds to repair other strings. THe LED Keeper Pro was a life saver in speeding up the process to locate a bad or in some cases several bad leds in the same string. Other wise I would have been using a 9V battery and resistor and piercing the wire in each led or groups of leds to test.

Like I said before, the pdf file is not mine, I take no credit for it's content. If you can work ohms laws and understand led/dc ckts this document will be a great guide.


string builder.pdf

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