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FOR SALE: Geek-My-Tree Pro


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I formerly distributed Geek-My-Tree Pro but as I am closing up shop I have inventory I am looking to liquidate.

Geek-My-Tree Pro is similar to the retail Geek-My-Tree seen on Shark Tank except it is commercial-grade, outdoor-rated and even waterproof. It is controlled via our favorite pixel controllers such as SanDevice, PixLites, etc. 

It is a 360 degree Glowball string that comes in sets of 5 (2.5' strand) that are end-to-end connectable. There are also available harnesses that allow you to make drops if you don't want your lights to by simply in-line. 

These commercial-grade lights usually retail at $4.50 per bulb but I am slashing the price to $2.99 per bulb for any quantity order and $2.25/bulb if you buy me out of my entire stock (which is about $3,500 in bulbs).

Reach out to me if interested!

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