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I've created this thread because I wanted to know if there were other people in Japan that likes to decorate as much as I do.

I am an American and grew up in Florida where I of course was surrounded by houses all decorating like crazy


Moving to Japan in my 30s and eventually marrying and having kids I quickly knew that I did not want my kids growing up and experiencing Christmas and Christmas Decorations on houses as the Japanese do it ( which is basically nothing ). So I have started decorating my own house and another 20 some houses in my neighborhood.


Unfortunately, the  options are extremely limited when buying decorations here in Japan and they are expensive as hell too. Usually 2 times more expensive . So I have been forced to import stuff from the USA at a high cost.

I am looking for ways to make it more afforable because if I dont do it, then there will be nothing done and I dont want my kids to see that happen

My kids and neighbors love what I have been doing and many many people from far and near come by at Christmas time



Anyways Im here now



here are 2 videos of my house



And here are  some videos of 2 of the houses I do ( out of 20 ) , I do just a little at each one, a scene basically. Makes it a nice walking course that I do with my kids most nights as we sip on a huge cup of Hot chocolate. All houses include my own are on timers so everything comes on at the same time.





I also organize and volunteer to do a Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus Meet and Greet  for my town. Again because there is NONE in Japan for kids to go to,  even in Shopping malls here. I had a lot of good memories when I was a kid going to see Santa at the Mall and wanted my kids to have a similar experience too and so I do this. I buy all the clothes for EVERYONE and I import all the decorations as well .






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