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Don good luck on your project. Being able to purchase light kits I’m switching all my bulbs over to Edison based kits from the C7 bulbs I used in them last year.
Donna, the molds were destroyed due to licensing. Some type of license with MagicCom. Nobody knows who they are, but their license expired on 3/1. So what wasn’t sold was sent to scrap.
At the sale most molds were GFs. Some were Empires old stock. This one in particular has no markings of GF or Empire. Just faded/scratched out Tarboro name.
Not the best pic of the mold in question, but here ya go. IMG_7042.JPG

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3 hours ago, Don Mcabee said:

I think Richard is referring to a few Prototype blow molds that were found in the cleaning of the factory. I hope he has pics to post. 

I can only guess about the many people who would want these.  I hope the rest of us get a chance see them at some point.  Can anyone tell us what shapes they are or if they are Christmas, Halloween, Easter or whatever?


Update- I just saw the previous entry, thanks for the pic!

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A cast aluminum mold for the Santa shown in the picture, if I recall correctly this picture was on the website of the company that made the aluminum mold.  Please correct me if I am wrong about that.  This picture has been floating around on the internet for several years.


Empire Cast Aluminum Mold-1 (400).jpg

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I found this in my notes. It’s copies from another site about General Foam NC factory about there unadvertised sale. I had been trying for a few years before 2016 to get there for a sale but never made it until it was closing 2017. Below is information about the sale they had from 2011-2016. I underlined dates since it’s a few years...


General Foam has a factory in Tarboro that is open to the general public. I know they have Saturday hours through Christmas.

General Foam Plastics
501 Daniel St. 
Tarboro, NC 27886 
252) 824-1321 

Friends of ours (trying to get them addicted to synchronized lights) picked us up some blowmolds this past Saturday - 3 large camels, a "full size" shepherd and sheep, extra sheep. The camels were $18 each....I paid them the $86 they said it cost for everything they got for us. All new in boxes.

It's cash and carry; no credit cards or checks.

This was an Empire factory until General Foam recently bought them.


We went today! The prices were unbelievable- Snoopy $21, igloo $8, penguin $7, 5 ft Santa $32, Bears $9, Nativity pieces, angles, Choir Girls $7, Nativity animals (sheep, donkey, & cow) $5, train & tender car $45 (I was so excited), extra tender cars $14, elves with presents, candy cane, sign and mailbox $12 each (I think), reindeer $14..... I was amazed and excited. Plus more.
They said they will be open the next two Saturdays until noon. Also I found out they have a Halloween sale in October. From our house way up here it was about 1.5 hours if that.


Awesome deals with the large Santas (exact match to mine) for $20. The smaller Santas were $12 and $14. They only had a fairly ugly Mrs Claus out when I got there, so I asked. and a lady went digging around the warehouse for literally about 20 minutes and came back with a nice Mrs Claus. She even has glasses. Helen fell in love with a Penguin for $8. Ronnie was grabbing a lot of stuff. He grabbed a large 6 to 7 foot santa (never saw those before !). And the chorus boys and girls were $9 each. They have about 6 of each before Ronnie and zero after Ronnie. They had some 40" thin Soldiers that were the nutcracker style .. I even saw those. They were $12 each and we almost grabbed a set of 8 .. but decided we would be back in 2014 before our next show. nativity stuff was mostly in sets. I think it was about $39 for Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus. A very nice looking large camel was about $30 .. I didn;t get the price for Santa and the sleigh, but they had amazing looking all white platic reindeer with a gorgeous large rack of antlers. I could see a full set of those in a yard, all lit up and a nice red bulb for Rudolph. Since we like our old wireframe Santa and Team, we didn't go after that. 

I think most of the people in there had large displays. Everyone was grabbing a lot of each item and things were clearly selling out fast. I arrived right at 8amand they had already opened 15 minutes early and people had grabbed up a lot ! There are also lots of different kinds of Christmas Trees, even white ones. But I didn't check the prices. They told MIke that they are going to open every day at 8am .. but I am not sure if that meant Sunday or not. They had lots of smaller blowmolds for single digit prices, but I didn't go for any of those. They had the brown bears and the white bears and I don't remember the price. I think they were $20. They had some uglier Santas and Snowmen .. nobody was grabbing them One really large snowman was cool .. but he had too many colors on him. He would not work for RGB very well. 

Be sure to bring cash .. that is the onoly for of payment they accept.



Actually I did take pictures with my cell camera. Also it was not real bright in there so they are fuzzy. I forgot to shoot the 7 foot santa but Ronnie was buying one. Maybe we get him to shoot a picture with a person standing along side. I only took a tiny sampling of pictures because I was on the way out. The nativity scene was right as you walk in the ramp from the parking lot. Notice the very large camel with the nativiy scene .. and the wiseman standing next to the camel was about 5 feet tall. That whole nativity setup was larger. A much nicer lamb too .. Notice the two Santas on the second picture (they are on the left). They had white and black Santas ($20 each) and those matched my 4 large Santas, so I bought 4 more (1 black and 3 white). Last year I paid $25 for a nice condition black Santa on CL. I did not realize that it probably came from here. So I added another one to have a pair. Notice the little drummer boy in the 3rd pic. He was short but really neat looking ($12 each). I think 8 of them would look great on a porch railing or just lined up (doing some tricks with the lights). 

Attached Thumbnails           




So by the time I got in there a huge amount of everything was picked over. This was at least 3 to 4 times more people than last year's opening. We did manage to get 8 Black soldiers (slightly larger than the typical skinny ones), 8 small Rudolph and 8 large lighted candy canes about 6" diameter. Everything was $8 each .. 

So back to the guy with the giant trailer. He had several people helping him and they were grabbing 4 boxes of everything. Some boxes had 2 (of the rally large life-size stuff, some boxes had 4 and some had 6 .. different items. Then he started grabbing a lot more of the larger stuff .. For example the full size snowmen like I have in my back row (RGB snowmen) were $14 each, except they had a blue scarf instead of a red one. I kinda liked those ..


Attached are pictures from 2012




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