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Moving- all for sale and give away


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I am moving and downsizing from a house to an apartment. My display has 45k lights. Here is what is free if you can pick it up from Mt Airy,MD.

4 leaping arches,

7-4 ft artificial trees with red,green and white minis with custom wiring harness.

4 ft wreath with white minis.

20 foot plywood reindeer that had an accident this past winter in freak storm (will need 2 parts re cut 1" pressure treated).

Portable hole(monkhouse design),

concrete donation box stand, box safe, light and sign board.

Full automated frosty the snow man.

For sale. 30 foot telescoping mega tree with 12 light sections,12,000 white minis, star topper, about 10 strobes, 30 ft of pipe for base, stakes, steel guy lines, jack (design based off monkhouse)  and lightorama controller. $150

For sale. 5 lightorama control boxes CTB16PC  $100 each

For sale. Lightorama Show Time Director $100

See it all in action http://www.mycrazyprojects.com/Pages/Christmas-Videos.aspx

I hope it all goes to a good home as it has provided thousands of people with joy over the past 7 years





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Hi Glenn,

Sorry to hear you need to downsize. I'd be interested in most of the free items and maybe some of your for sale items. I am moving to Centreville from Brooklyn Park. And I am going to a much larger yard so need to expand. Please PM me so we can discuss more details.




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I just wanted to clarify that I am willing to ship the items that are shipable for the cost of the shipping.

I also am selling a HHLY TX-99A FM transmitter. 5w ( yes this does go a little further then your front yard :))- $75

It is no longer sold but here is all the info (cable and antenna not included on mine)



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43 minutes ago, Stephan Sherrick said:

Are these g3 controllers?  

I am interested in three controllers.  

I think there may be some confusion. I think G3 only refers to the showtime controller not the normal controllers. I have person that has claimed the showtime controller and one CTB16PC controller. If you are interested in the other 3 let my know so i can set them aside for you. I just re-checked all the channels this morning.

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42 minutes ago, Franchise_24 said:

Glenn what is the fully automated frosty the snow man?

You can see it in this video. It was based on the design by that guy in CA. He now sells commercially made ones but this was just like his prototype.

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Can you contact me 301-674-0684

i live in silver spring and would be interested in anything for my display.  My sister passed away last December and I am wanting to make a great display in her honor.

you can call me up until midnight.  Otherwise please call tomorrow.  I have a truck and trailer to transport items.

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