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Anyone work with these flood lights?

Mike's creation

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Ok, I am looking at purchasing 4 of these units to light up the front of my house. Floodoor RGB LED Flood Light,30W US 3 Prong Plug,Remote Control,16 Colors 4 Models Switchable,Memory Function,Outdoor Advertising Housing Decoration Landscape Garden by Floodoor .  I want to light up the front of my house with these (it is a wonderful rough stone face) and I am hoping that someone out here has these and can answer the following questions.

1. I want to program them not using light-o-rama, just the internal to do a slow fade from red to green together to light up the front of the house.

2. Will the four work together?  Supposedly after you program them each time the power is turned back on they will remember the last setting and go.  

3. I want them to work together so the whole house is red then green.  NOT alternating or not being synced.

If these will not work, can you recommend something outside of purchasing 8 units 4 for each color and put on a remote fader.  Don't want to spend a lot of cash to make this happen.  I already have spent more than my limit for 2017.  This is the final thing for this year.


Mike's Creations.

Ps last year I used 6 small spots alternating green/red looked nice but want the whole house to light up one color at a time and dim slowly.


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I'm about to buy some for a halloween display but plan to keep them just one color. Guess I would worry about them loosing sync after a while. You could put them on a light control channel and have them turn off then back on once and a while to re set them and get them back  in sync if they end up getting off after a while.

I'm going to order two of them tonight and should have them by next weekend. I will let you know how they work.

Dale P 

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Ok, I'm happy to report that as of the shut down of this season, my floods worked wonderfully!  Got them to the correct internal program and they faded together from start to finish.  Having over a 150' long house (with the attached garage) they lite up the house wonderfully and stayed in sync! Having a stone face see the pict above.  The house looked wonderful.  I am going to get lower wattage versions of these for next season to do up lighting on the trees.  I have 3 batches of 4 together in a section and plan to use this to uplight.  I had single stationary color and with the snow in the trees it was beautiful.  Going to do the 3 color, red, green, blue and they will all be in sync and it should look amazing.  


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