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Hey community, 

This is my first post and we are new to this, so if I'm doing this wrong and/or not in the correct place, please let me know kindly and I will edit as needed.  Our company is called Victory Corps. We are over 100 years old and are the leader in manufacturing floral sheeting, fringe, and garland for party, events, and parades.  Our floral sheeting can be used as a back drop, table overlay/runner/skirt, or to wrap a column or set on the floor for texture.  Our garland and fringe are used for borders, skirting, hanging as streamers, and much more.

We are also excited to announce that www.MyDoorDecor.com is restocked with new designs for single car garages, double car garages, split car garages, and single indoor/outdoor front doors.  We have partnered with the old owner to increase capacity, service, lead times, and quality.  We are sold on Amazon under VICTORY CORPS and www.MyDoorDecor.com.

We manufacture everything in the USA (MINNESOTA TO BE EXACT)!




I look forward to hearing everyone's comments and feedback.











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3 hours ago, Big J Illinois said:

To bad they don't make 8' high door covers......

Too funny Big J...I sent em a PM and said the same thing!   I do own one of the standard 7' sizes and hang it on my 8' garage door.  I simply tied longer cords on the bottom aluminum clips to the tension springs and it works great.  The perfection in me wishes it went all the way to the ground.  I have led floods that illuminate it.

MyDoorDecor....I would recommend adding pics of the mounting clips to your site or a short video showing how it hangs.  Quality attachment hardware and it goes on very easily.  I usually hang it all by myself in a few minutes.

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4 hours ago, Big J Illinois said:

do the spring clips rub on the door and scratch the paint off?

No.  Aluminum J hooks are adhered to the back of the top of the banner.  They are approx. 1 1/2" wide flat aluminum stock bent into a J shape to slip over the top edge of the garage door.  The same J hooks are attached by a thin cord along the bottom to clip under the bottom edge of the garage door.  On the bottom of the banner, adhered to the back, are plastic slides with a spring inside for tension connected to the other end of the cords.  The tensioners keep it tight and allow you to open the door.  I have had no damage/scratches to my door from any of the hardware...just slips on and off to mount.   The banner material is so thick that mine does not flap in the wind at all. 

I made a similar design for Halloween to black out the door.  I used heavy black plastic sheeting, fixed it to the bottom edge of the door and then wrapped it over the top edge of the door.  Inside, I use bungee cords to hold the top tight, yet allow it to move while opening/closing the door.  My monster bottom teeth are adhered to the bottom of the plastic and top teeth hang from the house trim.  Giant monster teeth and yet have a full functioning garage door.

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I would suggest the Christmas Expo.  There is a forum on the site with info.  Additionally, a lot of local groups have mini expos that I would watch out for.


and I would recommend hitting up Chuck to place an add in the PC Magazine and be listed as a vendor on this site


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I have had 2 door covers for about 5 years and they are great - even in cold weather.  I was going to suggest that you ask Chuck Smith how to get included in the PC vendor list. . . .but now I can't find the list.  Hopefully that is temporary as I use the list a lot when looking for something different.  Also all of the vendors there are reliable because if you don't treat PC members well they will complain to the community and Chuck will delist the company.  Good Luck.

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We have a new website that is much easier to use, with new themes, and many more Christmas designs coming soon too!  We were showcased numerous times in the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC, both using our garland on most of their outdoor frames as well as My Door Decor's garage door murals.

Our garland can be found on our site here:  https://www.victorycorps.com/Category/Select?categoryid=1212

Our door decor products can be found here:  www.MyDoorDecor.com 

The Great Christmas Fight Photo of Twist.jpg

MDD Light Fight Mural.jpg

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