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Cool White LED 100 Count


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On 11/23/2017 at 11:23 PM, UmmYeahOk said:

My neighbor was the guy who was going to line his roof with cool white LEDs, when everything else on his property was warm white until I brought it to his attention. 

When I said “professional display,” it truly was. A nearby town claims itself as the Christmas capital of Texas. I really don’t understand what makes it a big tourist destination other than being near an airport, but they have two very HUGE resorts. One of these is host to various holiday activities, but outside is decorated like crazy! It is here where I saw the warm and cool white together. Separate, ewe, together, gorgeous! This was years ago, but they still do it. Surprised that I haven’t seen it done elsewhere since. It’s essentially what I do with my house, only I use purple instead of warm white. This gives it a sugar plum effect rather than a creepy “those light are for Halloween” look.

My previous replay kind of ran 2 different topics together.  (Sorry for the confusion.)  I thought it was very classy that your neighbor was concerned enough about how his lights looked that he was actually willing to take the cool white back down and exchange them for warm white.  A lot of (non-enthusiast) folks wouldn't have worried about it.

This "Christmas Capital of TX" sounds like an interesting place!

I can see how purple and cool white would go together.  You should post a picture so we can see the sugar plum effect!


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