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FM Transmitter suggestions


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3 hours ago, JPat said:

As the name implies " Whole House Transmitter " only works in the house

lol...that is a good one!


40 minutes ago, TBS99 said:

some folks that have good luck with the whole house transmitter

I would love to see a poll on that.  I have only run across a couple folks who made it work.  I had mine outside on the front porch, trimmed antenna per instructions, moved the switch, nothing could get me past about 50'.  I was going to build an antenna, but found the Fail Safe model and haven't looked back!

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The antenna is USUALLY the crappy part of these out of the box transmitters. Also, placing it on a porch, can have a horrible outcome. Is your siding aluminum? Is the soffit aluminum? Window cladding aluminum? Dealing with antennas at work daily, the telescopic ones are garbage, the "rubber" ones are crappy also. I would build one...easy enough. Tune it to satisfy the transmitter.  91"-96" comes to mind....50ohm?? I don't know what those have, but a trimmed,tuned antenna is what you want, also, keep the anteena away from sheildes area, that aluminum comes to mind. And lastly if you should have an older house, builders often used aluminum faced insulation Batts and foil faced sheething. We can't see it, but the transmitter does as an interference. Tom, I would re-locate the transmitter in a differant location. Oddly enough, try it 20 ft away from the house and see if I am right. Humor me and try it. :) I would market an external antenna,but most wouldnt want to pay for a proper,fail safe antenna. 

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35 minutes ago, Big J Illinois said:

Tom, I would re-locate the transmitter in a different location. Oddly enough, try it 20 ft away from the house and see if I am right. Humor me and try it. :)

I would try it if I still had it but it went in the trash last year after I got my Signstek.  My house has  aluminum siding and  I have a 2 1/2 acre front yard . My drive way is just over 200 ft long so I needed a transmitter that work make the distance. I put my Signstek in the front window with the rubber antenna and I can reach about 4 blocks down the road each way and still have clear reception.


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I have this available.  If you are interested we can do paypal and I would ship it overnight at no cost to you! This is the same one I use and I get over 1 mile of coverage before the signal fades!  Great unit!


$120.00 cost, no shipping charges.  I purchased one during the summer and put it away so well, I forgot where I put it.  So a second 1 was purchased.  This is the original 1 unopened!

The 2.0 Whole House FM Transmitter®  has been replaced with a the new Whole House FM Transmitter® 3.0.  This new transmitter is superior to the original version with a long list of new features. This new FCC approved transmitter comes with an easy to install,  international antenna extension that helps boost performance in countries that allow.

  • LCD display that shows frequency and other settings.
  • Covers entire FM band from 88.1 to 107.9 in 0.1 MHz steps.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) evens out high and low volumes.
  • Input Volume Control to adjust to input levels.
  • Stereo/Mono switch (mono has a longer range).
  • Microphone input and line input.
  • PLL (phase lock loop) prevents frequency drift.
  • Includes Audio "Y" cable allowing speakers and FM transmission.
  • Universal power adapter (4 different power sources supported).
  • Remembers station frequency and on/off state without power.
  • Broadcast 150' (longer with the international antenna wire).
  This is everything that comes in the Box:
Whole House FM
Transmitter 3.0
1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Audio Cable
RCA Jack
Stereo Adapter
Stereo Audio
"Y" Cable
110/220 V AC Wall
Outlet Adapter
12V DC
Car Adapter
Computer USB
Power Adapter


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A neighbor that owned the local drive in theater recommended the Ramsey FM100 transmitter to me.  I have 2 Ramsey FM100B transmitters for my display (one back up) for almost 8 years now.  I researched it and then put it to the test.  The in car sound is great!  Broad banded audio stable carrier frequency.  Also, staying within FCC regs. the transmit footprint propagates excellent clean audio over the entire frontage of our display.  We are in the country and the transmitter is along way off the street and the FM100B makes up for it.  I also like the “sort of” mixer.  It allows 2 sources to be mixed for output.


Two concerns; #1, I wish it had native RDS.  I really would like to add RDS to my display transmission someday.  You can do it by home brewing into the IF circuit.  For reasons to be covered in concern 2 I don’t want to hack up the PWB.


#2, As of 1 Jan.’16 Ramey Hobby Kits has discontinued manufacturing transmitter kits.  http://www.arrl.org/news/ramsey-kits-calls-it-quits What is out there are the remaining kits in the supply chain.  I hate to see the support go for such fine radios.

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