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Pics of anyone's display progress

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WOW that is a ton of nutcrackers, thank that's there name its early im not fully awake... nice

here is the side yard across the left side of the driveway.. and the Front of the house. I am so happy with the window outlines first time ever trying to do those.. I think they came out great. they were going to flash when the music has talking singing but since there not going to get hooked to a real controller this yr. still just a MR Christmas. they will just be flashing along with my stars on top of the house.. still look pretty.

I am very annoyed this year, my parents house and they had windows put in , in October. they didn't do a good job so they had come back out last week and thought they were going fix them well that guy only came to see what was wrong the guy to fix it is coming on the 20th so i have to wait till after that day to decorate the bottom of the driveway and the yard... gives me 3 days to get it finished just hope the 21-23rd is nice weather.


pics from video  (1).png

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How big is your mega tree and how many lights?:) We have the same santa as you do (by your arch)  Does he have C7 also? And on the hook head, do the screw hooks go through and get a nut on the back side,or just screw into the plastic?
Mega tree is ten foot. Haven't fully decided on amount. I completely scrapped my original plan of 4 colors with a controller so just doing a TON of multi colored incans.

My buddy bought a house and it and that tree was in his attic so he gave it to me since he's a Grinch. It definitely has the C7s .

My hook head just has the hooks screwed in the PVC and slightly poke out the back. I had a million of them so decided to just save a couple bucks this year.

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I call these the "light poles". Got them wrapped up and out over the weekend. Its basically a U made out of wood that slides over our porch pillars. All the screws that hold the lights are on the back of the U (not in my house! YAY!) and no wasted lights on the side facing the door. Each one has 5 sections so they can dance to the music.


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I've been working on a variety of things getting ready for Christmas.  I swapped out all the lights in my blow molds for LED's and I'm making stands for my newest reindeers.  I still need to put tomato cage trees together, lightening sticks and a mega tree.  We've had an unexpected cold snap and snow over the last 3 weeks.  Finally had a warm day yesterday and I was able to get the lights up along the roof line last night.




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All I have left is my icicle lights. I was putting out the santa sleigh on halloween, and I tripped, and injured my wrist, and got set back almost two weeks. I like my decorations to be done by about the 2nd week of november. Here's what I've got so far. 100% beautiful, warm, inviting incandescent lighting. About 8500 lights. 










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1 hour ago, Big J Illinois said:

Yes I did,measures 18' x 4' Tall     2nd year we had it, come apart in 3 sections:) Lots of ties , but SOOOO worth it. If it wasn't so cost prohibitive to ship, I could have sold it 30 times.

What did you make it out of and did you use a specific template?

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