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Shawn M.

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Can someone please send me how to get the old feature of "posts since my last visit" or what ever the similar wording is?  The new great features here almost have me read to quit this forum.  It used to be very easy, now it if very frustrating. I don't need to be frustrated trying to get answers too.   


PS please send me a direct message, chances are I will never be able to find this thread again with all the "great" bells and whistles this place has now. 


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9 hours ago, The Bull said:

I try to stay active on here but you know how life is lol

I do know how you feel. At least there still people around.

8 hours ago, Big J Illinois said:

Hey, christmas stuff by me goes FAST, especially the molds

Same with me, especially in the month of October all the way to December. I'm selling Christmas decors a lot.

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