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I'm getting ambitious here,  I theme my display each year, and this year will be toyland / candyland.   I am building a four foot cube to be an oversized Jack in the Box.  It is currently going to be stationary, but I was thinking how great it would be to have the item (jack) be able to go in and out of the box while the handle rotates.   I need ideas on how to accomplish this engineering feat.  

I think the Jack may be my Tigger snowman inflatable.  This would be mounted on platform that could be raised and lowered via a motor.  The lid would also be lifted and lowered with the platform.  

Ideas please.  


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For help with your project, have you considered talking to the staff/teachers at your local high school, or technical school?  This could be a class project. Would be beneficial for your display and the students who would gain an understanding of electrical and motion.

Secondly, trying to time the lid to raise and lower may be difficult.  Instead, what about letting the lid open and close with the object (Tigger)?  Just limit Tigger from raising too much, and the lid will be ok.

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