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converting a battery powered to 120V blow mold

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Below are some pictures. This is for a new Walmart blow mold Lantern.

The LED part is a 1/4turn to open it does have some glue holding it but, I could just move it a little and it broke loss. I used a unibit drill bit for the holes. I think they work better when drilling in plastic. I then use some zip plugs and spt-1 wire I use at Halloween and Christmas. Then I attached the socket part to spt-1 wire and ran it through the holes I had drilled in the LED base.  Added the male end onto the spt-1 wire and a new 120V LED light is created. This small project toke about 5-10minutes to do. Hope this helps!

PS. Sorry my pictures may not be in order.












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I converted a Halloween dog (bigger, the kind that sits on its' own) to 120 by removing the entire LED assembly and replacing it with a socket  salvaged from another blowmold.  Cut a wooden circle slightly bigger than the hole and screwed it to the blowmold in the same fashion they are generally attached at the factory.  Added a LED bulb and it works great.

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If you like the swirling light function that came with the hanging lantern light it is still possible to convert from batteries to alternate power source.  I came across this tiny DC to DC buck converter that will deliver 4.5V DC equivalent to the output for three batteries.  I like running stuff on 12V DC because of the easily available sources now that 12V LED lighting is so common and nearly all of my incandescent to LED conversions are 12V.  This one dollar converter is so small that it will easily fit inside the battery case.  The size is .70" X .48" X .18".  The longest dimension is barely larger than the diameter of a nickle.

You will need a voltmeter to set the voltage to ~ 4.5.  The closest I could get was 4.54V and it operated several battery powered light strings well.  There are larger versions of this same converter and the deluxe version with LED readout is still only $2.19.


Mini buck converter $.99 postpaid


Larger buck converter $.76  Dimensions 1.71" X .83" X .55"


Buck converter with LED readout $2.19 postpaid Dimensions 2.6" X 1.5" X .55" 





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