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Modifying a Halloween Sign with LEDs

Rich in Las Vegas

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I picked up this coroplast sign recently and got the idea it would be nice if the stop sign worked like the new flashing stop signs that have been installed all over town where the red octagon is outlined with flashing LEDs. It seemed like a simple project and here is the result.



25 3mm red LEDs 2V DC operating voltage ($6.50 for an assortment of 500 in 5 colors)

924A buck step down module – converts 12V DC to 2V DC – adjustable 12V down to ~1V ($.77)

Single color LED controller for flashing mode with remote ($1.99)

wire – scavenged from defunct Christmas light string.

12V DC source – any old 12V converter 6W or larger will do


I spaced the location of the LEDs equally around the octagon and poked two small holes through the coroplast. Inserted the LEDs being careful to always align the long lead (+) in the same orientation. Connected all 25 leads with the wire and soldered them in place. The buck converter takes the place of wiring a resistor to each of the LEDs matching the 12V source to the 2V LED. It saves a lot of work adding the resistors and the cost is about the same. The connections are 12V source to the controller, controller to the buck converter, and buck converter to the LED wires.



buck converter to drop voltage 253787613655-buck-converter.jpg

basic LED controller  with remote




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