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7 FT 2.1M Airblown Inflatable Neon Snowman w/ Black light

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While looking around for good deals, I found this at CostumePub.com for a very low price (deep discount 49% off) at $16.05. Total $28.74.

Note: I didn't carefully read the details. Like other inflatables I thought it would have a string of 2 or 3 UV/blacklight LED lights inside. This doesn't have any lights inside the inflatable. It come with a UV/blacklight LED projector that you put on the ground.

I can say it doesn't look like the picture shown on the website. Somehow it feel more like Halloween than Christmas.





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I forgot that I have another UV flood/spot-light (different wavelength at 385nm) so I decided to test the snowman again. Now it look a lot like the advertised picture shown on the box. I'm guessing whoever took the picture didn't use the included UV spotlight (395nm or higher).


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