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Just installed my first mural from My Door Decor.

Pros:  Print quality appears high and the image is quite nice.

Cons:  Unfortunately several:

  • Mural was damaged right out of the box
  • Mounting holes along the top were not properly spaced to work with the provided hardware; about 1/4 inch too close together
  • I purchased the 16' x 7' size to fit my 16' x 7' door.  While the dimensions are as advertised, the mounting hardware (while cleverly designed) creates a sub-optimal result:  an @ 4 " inch gap at the bottom and an extension of @ 2" beyond the top of the door frame.  This results in: 
    • The top of the graphic being cut off by the garage door frame;
    • The extension at the top interfering with the operation of my garage door opener:  It kept tripping the door close stop mechanism so that the door would not fully close.  I had to tape the top of the mural down to the top of the garage door in order to resume normal function.

I really wanted to like this product, but am disappointed with the result.


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Thanks for your support and honest review of the product.  We fully stand by our products, if you aren't happy with them in any way, we will take them back or replace them.  Please give us a call to understand your issue more.  It sounds like everything is close, but not perfect, and we want it perfect.  www.MYDOORDECOR.com 

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Quick update:  I reached out to My Door Decor to discuss the challenges described above and had a very pleasant and productive conversation with their national sales manager, Adam, in which we agreed on a path of resolution.

Adam's responsiveness and customer service were outstanding.

Thanks, MDD!

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Are you going to have a Cyber Monday sale this year?  I have 2 of your covers but I am moving to a house that has 8 foot garage doors and my covers are for 7 foot doors and not sure how or if I can use them.  I might need to but new ones.

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